November 2022

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Is Steam disrupting the gaming status quo?

Plume IQ

In April 2019, we published our first report on the gaming market; over three years later we felt it was high time that we returned to this popular pastime to provide an updated perspective from the Plume Cloud:

  • Deployments of new game consoles are slowing – since the onset of the global COVID pandemic, we’ve seen a slowdown in the number of game consoles from the leading brands introduced to Plume-powered homes. This may be due to component supply issues, but could also be related to the fact that few new game consoles have been introduced to refresh the market.
  • Nintendo claims the top spot for popularity – when it comes to game console ownership, Nintendo (41.3%) leads Microsoft (38.2%), flipping their respective positions from April 2019. However, it’s fascinating to note that a new entrant ‘Steam’ is taking market share, albeit currently at only 0.6% of the installed base.
  • Steaming ahead – despite the slowdown in the deployment of game consoles, usage remains high with the average daily data consumption for all console brands—apart from Nintendo (0.6 GB)—well above the average of 1.2 GB for all devices connected to the Plume Cloud. Noting that as all games must be downloaded or streamed, Steam users top the data usage chart with a staggering 9.2 GB of data consumed on average per day.

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