Eliminate blind spots, elevate your WiFi experience, and protect your home network

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Join over 50 million customers who rely on Plume’s AI-driven WiFi solution to upgrade their digital home experience.

How HomePass works

So easy to install, we even skipped the user manual

Work, play, entertain, HomePass has you covered

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Streaming without buffering

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Advanced parental controls

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Video calls without freezing

24/7 cyber-protection for WiFi connected devices in your entire home

Get peace of mind with Plume's always-on cyber-protection against phishing, malware, adware, botnets, and other cyber-threats for every WiFi connected device on your home network.

Secure your home now

HomePass Plan

Step 1 Sign up for HomePass

For $99/year you can enjoy all membership benefits

Smarter, faster, and more reliable WiFi

  • Significantly improved WiFi across the entire home
  • 24/7 cyber-protection for all your connected devices
  • Advanced motion sensing
  • Parental controls
  • Live technical support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Rolling hardware warranty

Step 2 Choose SuperPods

Options starting at $99/pod

SuperPod, SuperPod with WiFi 6, SuperPod with WiFi 6E
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"Plume is markedly different from anything else on the market. Rather than making you dive into the app and manually select how you want your network to behave, it watches your network traffic and improves itself over time."

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"Plume's SuperPods make a good case for turning WiFI into a subscription. In today's world, where everyone is constantly connecting more and more devices to your network, with different needs and different levels of security, managing it all is becoming an arduous task."

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"I've tried a ton of great tech over the past two and a half years, but some gadgets stand out way more than others...Plume's SuperPods are hands-down the best Wi-Fi routers I've ever tested."

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Who is it for?

Suggested pairing with ...

WiFi standard


Radio configuration

Ethernet ports

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2 SuperPods

$194 + Membership

Anyone in need of a fast, reliable, intelligent WiFi that adapts to your needs while offering advanced services

A home with just the basic devices, such as a smartphone, tablet and/or computer

WiFi 5

Triple band (2.4, 5GHz lower and 5GHz upper)

2x2 11ac + 2x2 11ac + 4x4 11ac


Tech Specs

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SuperPod with WiFi 6
2 SuperPods

$299 + Membership

People working from home and multiple users that would require a seamless experience with high bandwidth applications, such as video calls, gaming or 4K streaming

A home with several connected devices, like a Smart TV, video game console, streaming video device, and/or smart speaker

WiFi 6

Triple band (2.4, 5 GHz lower and 5GHz Upper)

2x2 11ax + 4x4 11ax + 2x2 11ax

2.5 GigE + 1 GigE

Tech Specs

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SuperPod with WiFi 6E
2 SuperPods

$449 + Membership

Users who want the fastest available speed to connect their 6GHz devices; gamers seeking the lowest latency achievable or users wanting the best WiFi experience available from Plume

A fully integrated smart home

WiFi 6E

Triple band (2.4, 5 and 6GHz)

2x2 11ax + 4x4 11ax + 4x4 6E

2.5 GigE + 1 GigE

Tech Specs

WiFi management, cyber-security, control, and visibility made simple

Get notified of movement inside your home when you’re out—HomePass turns existing connected devices into motion sensors via WiFi waves.

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Block attacks across all connected devices in your home with advanced cyber-security that is faster than your antivirus software.

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Create and maintain healthy online habits by setting up age-appropriate content filters and scheduling device-specific internet freezes.

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Enjoy the great connection that comes with intelligently distributing bandwidth across all of your devices, even when using them simultaneously.

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Upgrade your WiFi now

*Data based on the average experience of Plume users from customer satisfaction surveys.

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Questions? We have answers!

No, HomePass is an AI-driven, smart WiFi service. It works with any broadband provider by plugging a pod directly into your hub. Additional pods are spread throughout the home to extend coverage to WiFi blind-spots.

HomePass adapts to your usage through network improvements. It runs more than 10 different types of improvements that work in the background 24/7, so you get fast and consistent WiFi to every corner of your home. For example, if a change occurs that would impact your WiFi performance, like an increase in connected devices or interference from a neighbor’s WiFi, HomePass will make the appropriate adjustments to maintain your WiFi experience.

Yes. Homepass monitors all WiFi connected devices in your home and will quarantine threats and notify you of any suspicious behavior by any of the connected devices in your home.

Yes—simply plug your first pod (via the provided ethernet cable) into your existing hub. Then distribute your second pod—and any other pods you have purchased—around the house. Download the HomePass app to manage and label your pods, so you know where they are in your home (e.g., kitchen, hallway, etc.).

Yes, HomePass is a one (1) year membership with an option to extend.

HomePass is constantly improving, and new features are added continuously. Your payment brings you all the benefits of HomePass and live technical support.