April 2019

Welcome to Plume IQ - our reveal of data-driven intelligence and consumer insights from 3 billion connected devices and 60 million locations, managed by Plume’s cloud platform. The data below is from a sample of our locations.

Game on: Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo.

Plume IQ

Microsoft gaming consoles hold a slim 10% lead over Nintendo in Plume households. However, Microsoft consoles consume more than 10 times the data on an average day. Does that imply Microsoft gamers are more engaged than Nintendo’s?


Other Plume News


Ciao bella: Melita launches Plume in Italy

Hot on the heels of its Maltese launch, Plume and Melita have partnered to launch in Italy. The new Diamond Fibra service fuses super-fast internet from the Open Fiber network with Plume’s intelligent smart home services, including Adaptive WiFi, HomePass and AI Security.


Gear up: Preparing for the arrival of Wi-Fi 6

802.11ax promises improved throughput, greater capacity, and lower power consumption. The IEEE standard will, however, make optimizing Wi-Fi networks more critical — and complex. In a new white paper, Plume’s CTO Bill McFarland dissects the new features and the increased demands they will impose on home networks.




Meet Plume: Washington DC, San Francisco, Cologne

Plume executives will be speaking at three upcoming industry events:

  • Plume CEO Fahri Diner at Wi-Fi Now in Washington D.C. on May 14.
  • Plume CMO Todd Grantham at Connections in San Francisco on May 21.
  • A trio of Plume executives, including CTO Bill McFarland, at ANGA in Cologne, Germany from June 4–6.

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