May 2022

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Apple doubles-down in the U.S.

Plume IQ

Last month, we reported that Apple is the dominant brand among Plume-powered smart homes in Europe. This month we introduce U.S. metrics into the mix to determine how the two territories compare.

Our data revealed that Apple is doubling-down on its strong U.S. heritage—a staggering 92% of homes had 1 or more Apple devices, 1.12x more than in European homes. The devotion to the Apple brand iseven strongerin the U.S. where 64% of homes had 5 Apple devices or more, and a whopping 42% had 10 Apple devices or more. That’s 1.42x and 1.68x more than European homes.

While Microsoft trumps Samsung to gain second spot forbrand presencein the U.S., it's worth noting that Samsung is lovedequallyby consumers in both the States and Europe, where the distribution of devices through our presence, devotion and obsession indices is very closely matched.


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Plume IQ May 2022 WiFi 6 PR

First for WiFi 6E in Germany!

We're delighted to build on our partnerships withDeutsche GlasfaserandSagemcomto introduceGermany's first WiFi 6E fiber router, powered byOpenSync. Leveraging Plume's cloud- and AI-driven Smart Home Services suite, subscribers will have access to intelligent, self-optimizing WiFi foreveryconnected device throughout the home.
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Plume IQ May 2022 - Case Study

Huge success story

In this case study, learn how U.S. service providerAll Westhas achieved stellar business results including a15% reductionin truck rolls, a20% improvementin customer resolution time, and a46% growthin its managed WiFi subscriber base by leveraging Plume’s SaaS Experience Platform featuring HomePass.
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Plume IQ May 2022 - Booking

Ready to connect, Nashville?

Join us in Nashville next month forFiber Connect 2022. Learn how you can improve your smart home and small business offerings, gain a competitive edge, and delight your customers with exceptional experiences customized to them. Hear from our executives:

  • **Innovation Panel:**Taking Fiber Further, June 14, 1:20 pm CDT
  • **Expo Theater Presentation:**June 14, 4:40 pm CDT
  • **Municipal Fiber Panel:**How Communities Use Fiber to Thrive, June 15, 10:45 am CDT

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Plume IQ May 2022 Article

How to tackle churn (and win!)

Our latest article addresses one of the biggest challenges that Communications Service Providers (CSP) face:subscriber churn. Our 3-step guide illustrates how taking a cloud- and data-driven approach to leverage personalized services, support, customized marketing campaigns, and intelligent cyber-security can have a transformational impact on increasing NPS and reducing churn.
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Plume IQ May 2022 - In The News

News round up

The National Interest’s Stephen Silverleveraged Plume IQ data reporting that Smart TVs, as opposed to streaming boxes or other devices, are now the main way people consume streaming content.
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In this 3-step guide, Readwrite’s Brad Andersonhighlighted how service providers can make a seamless transition to WiFi 6E by leveraging the cloud and artificial intelligence.
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By gathering data in real-time over a cloud-controlled network, CSPs have the power to improve customer experiences and prevent churn. In this article, we discuss how.
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