Plume and NOS expand partnership to successfully launch a new connectivity service for small businesses

Press Release
Plume’s WorkPass powers a new and intelligent WiFi network services offering, purpose-built for the unique needs of small businesses in Portugal and Madeira

PALO ALTO, USA & LISBON, Portugal — August 17, 2023 – network services and consumer experience pioneer Plume® and Portuguese service provider NOS have expanded their partnership, to successfully launch a new service ‘Wi-Fi Pro’ powered by Plume WorkPass®. This new offering provides small business owners (SBOs) with a cloud-driven suite of connectivity, productivity, and security services to optimize network performance and provide the operational insights needed to fuel growth.

Wi-Fi Pro provides users with optimized connectivity, network control, best-in-class hardware, AI-powered cyber security, and real-time operational insights that can help small business owners and their employees thrive. This latest service expansion builds on the successful rollout of the multi-award-winning ‘Wi-Fi Total’ powered by Plume HomePass®.

Enabling access to a growing suite of services, Wi-Fi Pro has been purpose-built from the ground up to address the specific needs of small businesses without the cost or complexity of enterprise solutions. Services include Concierge® which provides guest analytics to generate actionable insights, and Keycard to help managers understand employee behavior to improve workplace security and engagement. The service can be easily installed and managed through the WorkPass mobile and desktop apps. Key features and benefits of the new service include:

  • Link™: Reliable, self-optimizing adaptive WiFi for every corner of the business.
  • Shield™: Protect data and block threats with AI-based, enterprise-grade security.
  • Concierge: Control guest networks, security settings, device access, and more.
  • Flow™: Real-time motion awareness for added peace of mind.
  • Keycard: Remotely manage staff 24/7–create profiles, set security controls, and monitor individuals' time at work.

The flexible solution addresses a wide range of small business connectivity needs, with a single monthly fee and free installation and optimization. The package also includes up to 10 Plume-designed SuperPod® access points that include the latest high-capacity WiFi 6E technology and enable NOS to flexibly cater to different business footprints in its offering. Wi-Fi Pro integrates seamlessly with Plume’s Haystack® Support Suite, enabling NOS’s operations team to deliver the proactive support that small business subscribers need.

“We are very excited to develop our partnership with NOS and expand the reach of their connectivity services solutions to include an underserved customer segment,” said Fahri Diner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plume. “For too long small businesses have had to rely on technology that’s either over-engineered or self-built kludges that are susceptible to failure and time-consuming to manage. We’re delighted to partner with NOS and bring a purpose-built solution to market that caters to the actual needs of the small business.”

“We have successfully partnered with Plume for over two years to bring a differentiated and multi-award-winning WiFi service to homes in Portugal and Madeira,” said João Ricardo Moreira, Board Member of NOS Comunicações. “Through Wi-Fi Pro powered by WorkPass, we can target small business owners who need a right-sized solution that not only brings fast, secure, and reliable connectivity but also provides the intelligence and insights needed to help their operations thrive.”

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