Cablenet x Plume: Partners in intelligent connectivity

Press Release

—More than Internet. More than WiFi!—

Nicosia, Cyprus - June 9, 2023 — Following last year’s cooperation announcement between Cablenet and Plume®, the partners in intelligent connectivity meet again in Nicosia to review their market success and discuss their expansion plans.

A device can only be as smart as the network it is connected to.
In an era when consumers rely on multiple devices connecting to and interacting within their home network, Cablenet provides the intelligent, adaptive, and secure connectivity needed for optimal performance 24-7.

Personalized experiences that adapt to the needs of every home, user, and device.
Cablenet’s subscribers enjoy a comprehensive range of digital services—available through Plume HomePass®—that enhance the subscribers’ online experience:

  • Adapt® optimizes the home network to deliver greater Wi-Fi speed, coverage, and capacity in the home, ensuring an optimal user experience on every device.
  • Control® provides visibility into what's happening on a user's network, with advanced personalization features to set guest and child access controls, profiles, content filters and even pause the internet.
  • Guard® detects and protects by providing robust cyber-security, with ad and malware blocking. For added protection, the system halts suspicious activity and quarantines compromised devices.
  • Sense® uses WiFi-connected devices to provide whole-home awareness through motion detection for added peace of mind while away from home. Sense can even alert users when someone arrives—for example, giving peace of mind that the kids have arrived home safely from school.

Quantifiable growth: We have successfully challenged the status quo and moved from ‘bits and bytes’ to bring consumers the premium connectivity experience they need.

  • Sales of Cablenet’s premium broadband services bundle ‘Purple Max Internet’—including HomePass—have grown from 8% to represent 27% of the company’s broadband sales. At the same time, the total company revenue has increased by 19.4% (2021 vs. 2022).
  • Cablenet’s subscriber base has grown by 40% to over 200,000 fixed and mobile customers with Plume HomePass subscribers growing 15x (2021 vs. 2022).
  • Cablenet has been independently rated number 1 for customer satisfaction in Cyprus.

Plume HomePass in every home, from Cablenet!
Cablenet and Plume are expanding their partnership to offer HomePass to all households throughout Cyprus, regardless of their current choice of broadband service provider. The new ‘over-the-top’ offering will bring access to Plume’s cloud-driven smart home experiences to thousands of people across the country who will be able to self-install the service in minutes allowing all consumers to enjoy the incredible capabilities of Plume!

Plume, a strategic partner of Cablenet since 2019, is one of the world's leading consumer services companies headquartered in Palo Alto, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Plume delivers innovative cloud services for smart homes and smart businesses to more than 49 million locations in over 40 countries and has managed more than 2.5 billion connected devices across the largest Software Defined Network (SDN) in the world.

Cablenet was chosen to co-host Plume’s EMEA Customer Advisory Board.

  • On June 7 & 8, 2023, Plume co-hosted its semi-annual EMEA Customer Advisory Board meeting in Cyprus together with Cablenet. The two-day summit brought Communication Service Providers (CSPs) together to share best practices and stay current with the fast-moving developments in customer experience, including learning from Cablenet’s leadership in its home market.
  • Together, the companies welcomed over 25 senior professionals from Plume’s European service provider network.

Strengthening the strategic partnership with Plume reinforces Cablenet's commitment to providing advanced solutions for a new era, supporting the company’s vision of a modern home with personalized services that enhance the quality of life for the consumer.

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