WOBCOM ensures perfect WiFi together with Plume

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Cloud-based technology for an intelligent WiFi network and innovative smart home services

From today, WOBCOM GmbH brings its customers a powerful package for secure and reliable home WiFi. The new ‘HomePass®’ service is based on cloud-based technology from Plume® and provides an intelligent WiFi network that adapts to the needs of every user in addition to offering useful and innovative additional features. This new service complements WOBCOM’s portfolio perfectly, offering an additional product for Wolfsburg households to create an optimal home network in addition to a reliable fiber optic connection.

A stable WiFi network in the home is indispensable if you want to make the most of your Internet connection. With a fiber-optic connection, customers are already laying a future-proof foundation. However, a high capacity and fast Internet connection cannot always be achieved, for example, if the connected device is in a far corner of the home too far away from the router, or if large amounts of metal and glass cause interference or a high number of connected devices puts too much load on the WiFi.

WOBCOM now offers its customers a powerful service from Plume that builds an intelligent and secure home network that continuously improves the customer experience. The WiFi network automatically establishes optimal connections to every device in every room in the home. For WOBCOM's customers, this means flawless WiFi connectivity, a new level of control over their homes, and A.I.-powered cyber security, while respecting data protection and the highest level of data security.

"We want to bring our customers additional value through their Internet connections," said Dirk Hoffmann, Product Manager at WOBCOM. "Plume is an outstanding partner and a specialist in the WiFi sector. The real potential of the home network only starts at the router, from there the WiFi service must be intelligently optimized to deliver consistent capacity and speed stably and securely to every connected device in the household."

Thomas Schulz, Head of Sales and Customer Service at WOBCOM, adds, "We often get questions in our customer centers that relate to improving the home network. With Plume, we can provide an answer to exactly these questions and offer a reliable solution to make our customers' WiFi networks even more secure, faster, and smarter."

Christian Constant, Head of Direct Customer Business at Plume, welcomes the new partnership with WOBCOM: "We are delighted to be working with WOBCOM and using our award-winning technology to deliver powerful and innovative services to customers across Wolfsburg.

Our data shows that home networks continue to play a critical role in the post-pandemic era, both for leisure and for work or school. The number of connected devices added to networks and the amount of data consumption are both continuously increasing—WOBCOM has taken a strategically important step to complement its existing product range and serve its customers with the best internet experience possible."

For more information visit www.wobcom.de/plume, call 05361 8911 555, or visit the WOBCOM customer centers in person.

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