VOO launches Plume to help power the smart home

Press Release

BRUSSELS, Nov. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — VOO, a leading provider of broadband cable services in Belgium, has launched VOO WiFi+ Powered by Plume®, a new Smart Home Service offering designed to improve, personalize and secure the home network.

Leveraging cloud-based artificial intelligence, VOO WiFi+  Powered by Plume offers an integrated solution that is controlled from the Plume app. Backed by Plume technology, the new service further enhances a customer’s online experience through custom guest access, parental controls, and AI security to protect devices. Plume works alongside VOO’s existing broadband connection, letting customers make the most of its ultrafast speeds in every corner of their homes.

“We are confident that by choosing to work with Plume, we are offering VOO subscribers the very best in home connectivity, control and security,” said Dr. Christian Vyncke, VP CTO at VOO. “VOO WiFi+ Powered by Plume will keep up with and adapt to the ever-changing smart home.”

VOO will benefit from Plume’s suite of backend tools that gives unprecedented visibility into network operations and performance, along with proactive support solutions. The Plume integration brings VOO subscribers:

  • Plume Adaptive WiFi which intelligently monitors, adjusts, and optimizes your network for peak performance.
  • HomePass which lets customers control guest and child access to their network, set up profiles, and pause the internet.
  • AI Security to detect and prevent potential security threats, customize content access, and block unwanted ads.
  • Elegantly designed, powerful tri-band SuperPods that plug directly into wall sockets to ensure reliable coverage.
  • The highly-rated Plume app which puts subscribers in control of all of these services.

“As the number and type of smart devices in the home increase, it is crucial to have a system that adapts to each person’s needs,” said Christian Constant, Head of European Operations at Plume. “Together with VOO, Plume is committed to providing the most flexible, safe and personalized online experiences designed for the modern smart home.”

VOO WiFi+ Powered by Plume is available to new and existing VOO subscribers and includes three SuperPods for €8.99/month, plus a one-time activation fee.

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