Just launched: Network Priority improves Plume’s adaptive WiFi service while giving users a deeper sense of personal control


Last year we told you about an exciting new feature coming out in Q1 of this year, and today, we begin the rollout–officially called Network Priority–into the hands of end users via our HomePass app. 

In the back end, this feature is an improvement to our adaptive WiFi technology due to enhancements in our Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capability to identify traffic from over 3,500+ applications. With this enhancement, Plume will, by default, apply advanced custom prioritization via Automated Priority to a series of real-time application categories while relegating non-real-time traffic like software updates to less urgent wireless queues. The technology is adaptive to new apps and will continue to improve upon the capability for detecting and managing traffic as well as reducing latency through machine learning and AI algorithms fed by the 55+ million households on the Plume network.  

For your subscribers, this release delivers a real feeling of control over in-home WiFi performance from inside the Plume HomePass app. Users can choose to temporarily boost WiFi to app categories (gaming, streaming, video calls), a person, or a specific device in the home for increments of 3 hours, 6, hours, or through the end of the day. They can extend any boost in hourly increments or cancel a boost to return to their home’s Automated Priority.   

Network Priority

Subscribers can also choose to enable the new Home Security Boost once, with a single tap, such that when Plume detects that all primary devices have left the home, it will automatically boost the traffic from any identified home security devices until a primary device returns.

Home Security Boost

To round it off, Performance Monitoring gives users a more complete picture of the home network. They’ll be able to monitor app category and device performance and make troubleshooting or priority decisions with an easy rating scale of Excellent, Fair, or Poor.

Performance Monitoring

On top of this set of consumer features in today’s release, all eligible CSP partners will have our latest Haystack offering–called Full Stack Optimization–automatically enabled in the back end so that your teams are better equipped to support your subscribers through a robust new set of dashboards and controls at their fingertips. 

This new feature set will be available on all nodes on the network that are OpenSync version 5.2 or above. The in-app experience will be available to HomePass members with the latest HomePass application (3.136 version or later).

We hope you enjoy better WiFi and the offer of more personal controls for all.