Quantenna and Plume Showcase World’s First OpenSync Wi-Fi 6 Integration at MWC

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quantenna Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: QTNA), a global leader and innovator of leading edge performance Wi-Fi solutions, and Plume®, the cloud-curated home services pioneer, will be demonstrating the integration of OpenSync™ open source cloud services delivery framework on Quantenna’s mainstream Wi-Fi 6 chipset, the QSR5GU-AX Plus, at MWC 2019. This combination forms the basis of a powerful next generation end-to-end solution for the delivery of cloud services to the consumer, leveraging the in-home Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Quantenna’s QSR5GU-AX Plus is a 9-stream Wi-Fi 6 solution, with integrated dual-band, dual-concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz functionality in the same chipset. It includes the SmartScan feature, that offers enhanced radar detection and spectrum analyzer capabilities with wide frequency range analysis. It supports data rates up to 5.4Gbps and advanced MU-MIMO schemes, allowing for superior network capacity by transmission to multiple devices at the same time.

The QSR5GU-AX Plus is particularly well suited for in-home extenders and repeaters, with increased throughput, better coverage, and the seamless capability to find the cleanest Wi-Fi channels. Together with OpenSync’s capabilities to enable modern cloud-curated consumer services and applications including mesh and AI security, the QSR5GU-AX Plus is an ideal candidate for next-generation in-home networks. The solution will be demonstrated in Quantenna’s meeting room in Hall 2 Stand 2B33MR.

Quantenna’s Qdock software platform is fully supported by the OpenSync silicon-to-cloud open source framework, allowing OEMs, service providers, and software developers to quickly and easily deploy cloud capable CPE devices with a rich-set of modern home services, including mesh-based applications, parental and access controls, and AI security on Quantenna’s most advanced Wi-Fi 6 silicon platforms.

Supported by the world’s leading ISPs and device makers, OpenSync creates a cloud agnostic framework for the curation, delivery and management of modern home services built on Wi-Fi. OpenSync operates across the whole Wi-Fi device ecosystem to enable the rapid and scalable delivery of modern cloud-based services to the consumer. OpenSync can be combined with the Plume Cloud and Plume’s modern services bundle, including Adaptive WiFiTM, parental controls, guest access and advanced security, to deliver a compelling consumer proposition that has been deployed in millions of homes worldwide.

“Service providers need to provide the highest level of Wi-Fi performance, coverage, and connectivity to their subscribers today and in the future,” said Dr. Sam Heidari, chairman and CEO, Quantenna. “By supporting OpenSync on our Qdock software framework with the QSR5GU-AX Plus chipset, service providers and OEMs can now benefit from high performance Wi-Fi 6 mesh with a flexible and scalable cloud-driven application platform.”

“As consumers continue to demand services that offer higher levels of personalization, driven by rapid smart home expansion, it is critical that service providers embrace a platform that scales rapidly across the complete device ecosystem and provides the highest level of device performance,” said Fahri Diner, co-founder and CEO, Plume. “We’re very pleased to support this powerful demonstration of next generation silicon. When Quantenna’s solutions are combined with the OpenSync framework, Plume Cloud and Plume’s bundle of modern home services, it offers an extremely valuable consumer proposition for ISPs.”