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Making work from home a reality with HomePass

Plume Customer Success TeamConnected Living
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Like many people, Aimee Cook has become her family's full-time IT person. Because of the pandemic, she's now working 100% from home, while her kids are on the internet more than ever for gaming, watching videos, and doing schoolwork. As a technology professional, Cook knew there must be a WiFi network manager solution to her connectivity woes. Cook leverages features of Plume HomePass® like Adapt™ so that it can learn her family's internet usage patterns to create the best conditions for her network at different times of the day. "The ability of HomePass to balance out the WiFi across all devices so that everybody gets what they need, when they need it, has been a godsend," she says.

Overcoming concrete

When she first began to work from home, Cook was frustrated with the performance of various home WiFi boosters that couldn't deliver reliable WiFi through the thick concrete walls of her large, 1920s house. It was especially challenging to get a signal from her upstairs office, where the router was located, down to the dining room or kitchen on the other side of the house, where she sometimes likes to work. HomePass makes it simple to get WiFi across her entire house, allowing her to focus on her work instead of where she's sitting. "HomePass transforms the WiFi in my house because I don't have to fuss about it," she says. "It's one less thing I have to manage in my life of managing everything."

Keeping connectivity in control

Cook regularly uses Control™ from HomePass to manage guest WiFi access to her network. For some devices like her printer, she created an easy password that makes it simple to access. A guest WiFi password allows her kids' friends to use the internet without gaining access to the full home network, which could accidentally compromise her work computer. HomePass also gives Cook all the parental controls she needs over her network to keep screens from becoming a distraction to her kids. "If I tell my kids it's time for bed, I can use the HomePass app to freeze their internet," she says. "I have all the kids' devices on their own profiles, so I disconnect them without having to worry if they are going to get back on the internet past bedtime."

Adaptability is everything

Cook recommends HomePass not just because of its great performance in her home, but because of its adaptability. She knows that no matter whom she shares it with, what type of home they have, or how much they use the internet, HomePass will be able to do the job. "A lot of homes in my neighborhood aren't built for the same type of technology that exists today, so having the flexibility of HomePass makes it easy to adapt to the space and environment," she says. "It's a good thing for everybody."