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Lights, cameras, action!

Fahri DinerSmart Home 2.0

Today Samsung announced an exciting new product – the SmartThings Wifi mesh network system. This is great news for HomePass members. First, because it plugs-n-plays with your HomePass network. Powered by the Adapt™ technology, the SmartThings Wifi devices speak the same language as your Pods and SuperPods. Second, because SmartThings Wifi contains a powerful SmartThings Hub you get to add Samsung home automation to your HomePass set-up -  lights, cameras, door locks, thermostats, voice assistants, various sensors, smart outlets, and much more. With the latest and greatest Zigbee, Z-wave, and Bluetooth 4.1 radios and protocols, it’s compatible with hundreds of third party devices and services. It gets even better. Since the SmartThings Wifi speaks Plume, you can place your Hub anywhere in your home – no Ethernet cable required! Third, the HomePass Android and iOS apps give you visibility and control of the WiFi functions of the SmartThings Wifi. Think of it as another pod in your home but with smart home automation capability. Enjoy the features of the HomePass app also on your SmartThings Wifi. When we launched the HomePass membership along with the SuperPod™ in June of this year, we delivered a comprehensive list of features, capabilities, and benefits, and pledged that we would keep making your HomePass membership richer.  Ability to add third party devices like the SmartThings Wifi with a smart home hub easily, wirelessly, and economically to your HomePass network is just one. Stay tuned for more. And in that spirit, we trust that this initiative is just the beginning of more to come from our valued partnership with Samsung. Special thanks to Samsung Mobile and Smart Home teams.