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Filter and aggregate your Plume-generated data in ways most meaningful to you. With QuerySight, you can reveal insights that help you understand your network and your customers at a granular level.

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Access data through files fetched from the SFTP service.

Query data to see location, network, and node information, or filter and aggregate it however you want.

Look at nodes and where they are installed, analyze if they’re active or inactive, and identify the devices that may be impacting subscriber experience.

See your data in ways that are most meaningful to you. Pull data into your own data warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

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Browser-based data dashboards provide visibility into WiFi health for each subscriber location and proactively alert support teams to issues.

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A robust support application with real-time diagnostics at the node level and sophisticated network performance tools capable of making automatic, performance-maximizing adjustments.

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A series of comprehensive dashboards delivers network-level insights, KPI tracking, and device and security analytics throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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A way for you to query, aggregate, and visualize your Plume data to maximize results for your business.

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